The Neurocritic Named a Top 50 Blog by a Nursing School LinkBait Site



50 Best Blogs for Physiology Students

Despite considerable advances in science and technology, the human body still harbors a litany of secrets. Biology students, regardless of whether or not they elect to go on and practice medicine, frequently enjoy exploring anatomy and physiology. Doing so provides them with a first-person look at the myriad beautiful nuances of how every bit works together. And, with the internet being as it is, plenty of online resources exist to serve as valuable supplements to their classroom studies. More than the following 50 are available to visit and discuss, of course, but they certainly make for a nice starting point.


And for Neurology blogs we have:

44. The Neurocritic: Psychopharmacology and human brain imaging blend with cognitive and neuroscience, resulting in a very provocative read dissecting the latest relevant medical and health news.

Also included in this category are Mind Hacks, Frontal Cortex, NeuroLogica Blog, Neurophilosophy, Neuroanthropology, Neuroskeptic,, NeuroDojo, and Talking Brains.

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