I couldn’t resist the offer to ‘EMBED THE IMAGE BELOW ON YOUR SITE’. So here it is.

via @BenjaminDYoung

PhD Job Crisis
Created by: Online PhD



  1. Fantastic! Sharing this on Facebook. Students suffer also because it is increasingly clear that the training you get during your PhD will not land you a job that you are being trained for – sure, sometimes it is a prerequisite (like an full-time editor in a professional journal) but how many jobs like that are out there in the field you trained for? And moreover, you have to spend all of your spare time making those connections and showcasing that you can write and edit (or whatever else, for what non-academic job you may want later).It is hard to be motivated to stay in the lab until 2 or 3 am, doing experiments, when you see no future in what you are doing, when you’ll likely need to retrain or invest a lot of time to secure a job outside of your area of expertise. Realizing this made me leave a PhD program and decide to complete an MSc in the city I did my undergrad, to give myself time to figure out what I can do that will be both enjoyable, challenging but will get me a satisfying and decently well paying job, as well.The entire system needs a huge overhaul. Canada has parallel problems, though I think, not entirely the same. But nonetheless, I think the bottom of the pyramid is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, but the top is staying the same.I dislike being part of the system where I see tons of very, very smart and hardworking trainees, basically, get screwed.

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