Award For The Most Ridiculous Predatory Publisher Ever Goes To…

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I recently received an e-mail from a hotmail account, with the subject line of “Angelina Holmes.” It invited me to submit a paper to the Journal of Planning and Architecture. This may seem strange at first, since I have absolutely no background in either planning or architecture. But it’s par for the course in these days of predatory open access publishing, where fake journals set up shop merely to collect money from those willing to pay to publish. Here’s the pitch:

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to submit your most recent research and ideas to Journal of Planning and Architecture, world’s leading journal in the domain. The peer reviewed international journal offers fast review within approx 12 days. Published articles are made available online with free access to target multinational audience in your domain. With high impact index 3.54 journal is accepting leading research in the domain of Planning and Architecture.

Over two years ago, I created a spam e-mail folder for Fake Conferences and Fake Journals, which currently has 242 messages. Therefore, the outcome of what’s come to be known as the big “sting”, a flawed exposé of crappy open access journals at Science, came as no surprise to me.

The most amusing aspects of the recent Photon pitch included the laughable webpage hosted at, the multicolor fonts, the preposterous text, and a fabricated metric called the “impact index” (instead of impact factor).

Photon Innovations- 2013:

Welcome to Photon Innovations-2013. The highly versatile Global Project which connects world’s top most leaders, academicians, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations towards filtration of World’s Path Breaking Research Articles and Discoveries. The project incubates milestone & cutting edge research and discoveries for the year 2013 which have potential to catalyze the domain. The Global Project awards the scientists with Photon Innovations-2013 Award who demonstrates the calibre to transform and catalyze the domain. Their names would be announced and published on Photon Beam in 2013 with affiliations and respective countries.With the passion you can submit your work at

The world is waiting for you!…………..Only thing, you need to have is Determination.


From what I can tell, they have a grand total of 37 papers published in 57 journals. To cap off the exploitativeness, they’re sponsoring something called the Photon Young Scientist Program-2013 (PYSP-2013).

Is it any surprise, then, that these types of journals would accept a fake paper without peer review?

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