Trends in Spam Commenting


The latest in spam comments on blogs is to incorporate a portion of the post into your comment. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Orthopedics & Knee Center, you can still leave comments about Glutamate Agonist LY2140023.

Here’s the routine:

(1) Hire a ridiculous SEO company that employs low-paid workers from the Philippines.

(2) Have them do Google searches like this:

Search Engine – Google: inurl:blogspot “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADHD”

(3) Have them leave comments like this:

“Scott”  in Manila (IP Address has left a new comment on your post “Born This Way?“:

Such a great article it was this is a surface rendering of B.W.’s brain viewing the medial left hemisphere surface with thickened cortex highlighted, which approximates the lesion site. In which was discontinued after a few visits.During ages seven to nine B.W.’s parents describe a ’cause and effect problem’ in which he would behave badly and be punished and the following day would engage in the same behavior that led to the punishment. Thanks for sharing this article.


Here’s my advice:

Hey classicphotoboothrental, heathersandersonphotography, abetterexposure, thelandings-cda, jessesbluff-spokane!! Stop hiring idiotic SEO firms that use spammers from the Philippines to leave comments on blogs. Especially blogs that are completely unrelated to the product(s) you’re trying to sell.

You’re wasting your money and everyone’s time! It doesn’t work!*


* Although I suppose spammers from the Philippines need jobs too…